Members: Go to Link: http://www.masterscoreboard.co.uk/
to check your current exact Congu Handicap

1. Murphys Handicap Master updates scores every week.

2. We invite our Members to regularly email in ALL their scores from all other games.

3. ESPECIALLY if your score exceeds 36 Stableford points.

4. Remember: we are your Club and responsible for both yours and our reputation.

Please always play off your LOWEST RECORDED HANDICAP.

5. Please, update us, for us to update your handicap, to provide a fair level playing field.

6. New Members are required to play minimum 4 games for us to establish their handicap.

7. Murphys Golf Club comprises a variety of international players. We have noted over the past years it is evident new SA Players to the island, have a handicap generally 20-40% higher compared to same skilled European players.

eg an SA player playing off 14 is comparative to a European Player off 10.

8. We surmise this is probably due to SA’s unique SAGA system, where every single game, whether friendly, practice, or under Competition conditions are all recorded via a card swipe system suiting the prolific quantity of competitive players playing an incredible quantity of courses throughout SA., compared to the European system where normally games only under Competition conditions are recorded affecting handicap adjustment.

9. Also noted were the majority of European players past records where they showed infrequently reaching or exceeding 36 points, recording average play between 25-33 Stableford points, compared to the majority of SA players who frequently reached and exceeded 36-40 points, recording an average play between 33-41 Stableford points.

10. Therefore, to provide as level a playing field as possible for our ‘cocktail’ of internationally graded players, ALL new players are invited to play a minimum of 4 games before their official handicap is set.

11. After every Murphys Event, every players’ score is recorded adjusted, monitored, updated and maintained in line with the same CONGU systems run around the world.

12. This system appears to suit all our Members who join us to play the game of golf in the Spirit it was intended for: in a friendly, fair, gentlemany fashion where we enjoy the sport and the company and the social aspect after every game.